Wednesday, May 31, 2017

{allcanada} Marc Savard: NHL should consider mandatory suspensions for headshots


The NHL has taken steps in recent years to crack down on headshots in order to make the game safer and former Boston Bruins star Marc Savard thinks that's a positive sign.

"Players are more aware obviously now. Things are better," he told Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Wednesday.

Savard, who recently opened up about his struggle with post-concussion syndrome in The Players' Tribune, does think the league can do more to deter players from injuring their peers.

"As I sit here and I think back to the [Sidney] Crosby situation with [Matt] Niskanen—I know it doesn't look deliberate but it's still a headshot and I think there needs to be a suspension no matter what whether it's deliberate or not. You still hit the head whether you meant to or not."

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