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{allcanada} Nov. 1: Goalie Jacques Plante first to wear mask



1959: A new era in hockey begins when Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante wears a mask during an NHL game for the first time.

Plante is cut by a rising shot taken by New York Rangers forward Andy Bathgate 3:06 into the first period of a game at Madison Square Garden. Plante goes off for repairs; when he returns, he's wearing a fiberglass mask. Plante has been using one in practice, but this is the first time he plays with one during a game.

The Canadiens win the game 3-1, and Plante insists to coach Toe Blake that he will no longer play without the mask. Blake, who's been opposed to the mask, relents. The facial protection catches on; within a few years most goalies wear one, and by the end of the 1973-74 season there are no more bare-faced goaltenders in the NHL.

The debut of Plante's mask comes seven years to the day when the goaltender plays his first NHL game. With Gerry McNeil sidelined by injury, Plante defeats the New York Rangers 4-1 in his first NHL start. He goes 2-0-1 before being returned to the Montreal Royals.



1924: The NHL officially comes to the United States when the Boston Bruins join the League. The League expands to six franchises when the Bruins and Montreal Maroons are added.


1947: Under new coach Tommy Ivan, the Detroit Red Wings' famed "Production Line" of right wing Gordie Howe, center Sid Abel and left wing Ted Lindsay becomes a regular unit for the first time. The nickname is a nod to Detroit's automotive industry as well as the line's offensive prowess.


1985: Buffalo Sabres rookie Daren Puppa becomes the 17th goaltender to have a shutout in his first NHL game. Puppa made 37 saves in a 2-0 victory against the defending Stanley Cup champion Edmonton Oilers at Northlands Coliseum. Ten of his saves come against Wayne Gretzky.


1992: Mario Lemieux scores twice to extend his team-record goal-scoring streak to 12 games in the Pittsburgh Penguins' 5-4 win at the Tampa Bay Lightning. Lemieux scores 18 goals during the 12-game streak.


2006: Pittsburgh rookie Evgeni Malkin becomes the first player since 1917-18, the NHL's first season, to score a goal in six straight games from the start of his career. Malkin scores his second of the game at 2:45 of overtime to give the Penguins a 4-3 victory against the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center.

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{allcanada} Dancing with the Stars: Halloween Night Was a Triple Treat With Three Perfect Scores

DWTS Season 23

I can't think of anything more frightening than watching Ryan Lochte dance, so a Halloween edition of Dancing with the Stars sound just right. What, would you rather be handing out candy to little squirts who are using you for their sugar high? Do what I did and take the bowl of candy you were supposed to hand out and eat for yourself.

And for once, the ridiculous getups that our stars and dancers are subjected to each week makes sense! Given the ghoulish opening number, set to Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party," tonight looks like it's going to be fun and frightening.

One note to know: Sharna Burgess, James Hinchcliffe's partner, hurt her knee -- you may remember it was in a brace last week -- and has been ruled out for this week. That means James will head into the homestretch with a new partner, Jenna. Will it affect his performance? Is he that good of a dancer that it won't matter? Will Ryan sneak past another elimination because he made a deal with devil? (Sorry, that last question is always on my mind.) We'll find out.

More time-filling rules in this one: the top scores of the night don't have to participate in a dance off and are safe from elimination, while the others engage in an impromptu dance-off against each other for more points.

Let's look back at the dances and see who had it going on on Halloween night!

Terra Jolé and Sasha Farber - "Day-O" by Harry Belafonte

The dance: Inspired by one of the greatest movies of all time -- Beetlejuice -- Terra and Sasha reenacted the famous "Day-O" scene that is the show's centerpiece. It's a solid concept, but come on, no levitating!?!? Okay, that's asking too much, but there was something else missing with the dance. We're used to Terra dazzling, and some of that sparkle was lost here which is surprising given how well this song fits into her repertoire. Maybe we've set our expectations too high, or maybe the concept overshadowed the dance. It was solid, but this close to the end of the competition, we needed just a little more.

What the judges say: Bruno, who was not dressed up, called Terra a "possessed little fiend" but did it in that way where it was a compliment.

The score: 24/30, all 8s.

Laurie Hernandez and Valentin Chmerkovskiy - Viennese Waltz - "Pure Imagination" by Jane Monheit

The dance: Val and Laurie went classic with a smooth and silky Viennese Waltz set in the world of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and it was waterworks all around. There was a major undercurrent of emotion in this dance -- as evidenced by the training video when Val wept at wanting to win this for Laurie -- and it flowed through the dance as they twirled and spun. The crowd was going nuts halfway through! But give it up for Val, who put together a spectacular routine that showed a wonderful side of Laurie that will reap rewards in the points. Here's the thing though: Val was still emotional and shaking well after the dance; you can tell this meant a lot to him. This is a truly wonderful partnership!

What the judges say: Carrie Ann was brought to tears, and Bruno called it "magical."

The score: 30/30, a perfect score and one of the best dances of the season!

Marilu Henner and Derek Hough- Argentine Tango - "Sweet Dreams" by Emily Browning

The dance: Marilu unlocked her secret weapon here... HER LEGS! Like the spider-y backdrop of the dance, Marilu's stems worked well with the tango for a rebound dance from last week's unfortunate routine. But it wasn't a full bounce back. Technically, there were some missteps in there that still need to be ironed out in order for Marilu to be a contender. They're at the bottom of the scoreboard for a reason, and I feel like we're just waiting for their names to be called come elimination time.

What the judges say: Bruno wants Marilu to trust Derek a little more, and Julianne thought she was a sexy black widow who could eat Derek alive... but also pointed out those little errors.

The score: 23/40, Carrie Ann delivering the low 7.

Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lindsay Arnold - Quickstep - "Dr. Bones" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies

The dance: Calvin has had some of the brightest set pieces (remember that lemon-yellow suit he wore?), something that humanizes his intimidating 6'5" frame, but here, Calvin and Lindsay dressed up as skeletons and danced on an empty dance floor. And it worked! This despite the skull makeup masking his 10 gigowatt smile. Calvin has better balance than a limbo champ on a cruise ship in stormy seas, and watching his limbs move in precision is a wonder. But here's the thing, he moves his body with a controlled looseness that makes it look easy when it's not. The judges will appreciate that. Can we also talk about how Lindsay is moving up into the upper echelon of pros this season? This is one of those perfect partnerships that's paying dividends.

What the judges say: Carrie Ann said Calvin reminded her of Emmitt Smith, which was a good thing! And Bruno loved the "content" of the dance.

The score: 30/30, another perfecto!

Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke - Tango - "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys

The dance: I don't know what the theme of this dance was! Ryan had some wings on his eyebrows? There were feathers involved? Was he a werepeacock? I don't know. But Ryan did more dancing than he has in the past, which is a positive step. This was one of his better dances, but compared to his competition, he's still clearly below the level of everyone else.

What the judges say: Carrie Ann said Ryan's dancing was kind of like wrestling, which isn't really a thing dancers like to hear.

The score: 23/40, Carrie Ann isn't afraid to give out 7s.

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko - "Little Shop of Horrors" by Alan Menken

The dance: I don't know what happened here, but two people with clothes on came out and pretended to be Jana and Gleb! I almost didn't recognize them because they weren't half naked, but this was a solid routine -- influenced by Little Shop of Horrors -- that was packed with big moves. Jana did the splits three times, which is like six times more than I've ever done in my life, and the two did a cartwheel while holding hands at one point. How is that physically possible? This wasn't their best dance, but it's won't get them eliminated.

What the judges say: Carrie Ann liked to see this new side of Jana, but Julianne was surprised Jana didn't stick with her strengths... which is showering on the dance floor, I guess.

The score: 27/30, solidly in the top. But can they crack the top 3, which by my mind is Calvin, Laurie, and James?

James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess - Viennese Waltz - "You Don't Own Me" by Grace ft. G-Easy

The dance: I would have a metal rod surgically implanted up my butt if it meant I could get James' posture. That guy can stand up straight! Dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad), they spun a love story between two deranged criminals that worked well, especially with the way James is able to hold himself up and glide around the floor. And even though James has worked with Sharna all these weeks, it looked like he and Jenna had been dancing for years.

What the judges say: Julianne was so impressed by James' ability to dance with a new partner and not miss a step.

The score: 30/30! A third perfecto! And because they had the highest cumulative score, they earned immunity in the dance-off.

The Dance-off!

There was still 25 minutes left, so all dancers not named James or Jenna had to split up in three pairs of teams and compete in head-to-head improvised dances to a dance style chosen that very night (not sure I totally believe at least some of this wasn't all planned beforehand, tbh). They picked their opponents and dance styles, and then went for it, while viewers at home voted in real time online.

First: Laurie and Val versus Calvin and Lindsay doing the Jive! All three judges AND America picked Laurie and Val, so they earned extra points.

Second: Jana and Gleb versus Terra and Sasha doing the Salsa! Gleb took off his shirt because votes! Then Sasha took off his shirt while the judges were talking, and I swear Bruno humped the sky. The judges picked Jana and Gleb, 2-1. America picked... Jana and Gleb! What in the world is going on here with this voting system.

Third: Marilu and Derek versus Ryan and Cheryl doing the Cha Cha! Now we see how Ryan has made it this far. America likes him, as evidenced by the "live" favorability meter bouncing far into Ryan territory! I guess some people think trashing bathrooms in foreign countries is cool! The judges picked Ryan and Cheryl 2-1, as did America.

Now that that's done, let's all agree that this is a really horrible feature of Dancing with the Stars and is borderline arbitrary. After all the hard work these competitors do, they throw pairs into improvised dances against each other to help determine their fate? Yikes, and no thanks! First of all, the dances aren't good because they're totally unprepared. Second, two couples with perfect scores were out there dancing for their lives. Third, no one really seemed into it. Please kill this component, ABC. /End editorial.

The Elimination!

After all that, the couple eliminated this week was... Ryan and Cheryl. Even though they just won the dance-off. So that makes a lot of sense! Good night everyone, and check your Snickers for razor blades!

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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{allcanada} DeRozan has record-setting night as Raptors edge Nuggets


TORONTO — DeMar DeRozan poured in 33 points while Kyle Lowry added 29 and the Toronto Raptors held on to beat the Denver Nuggets 105-102 on Monday.

Jonas Valanciunas added 12 points and nine rebounds, while DeMarre Carroll finished with 10 points for Toronto (2-1), which led by as many as 18 points early in what would turn into a nail-biter.

It was another record-setting night for DeRozan, who became the first player in franchise history to start a season with three consecutive 30-point games.

Danilo Gallinari, Will Barton and Emmanuel Mudiay had 16 points apiece for Denver (1-2). Barton left the game with an ankle injury late in the third quarter.

The Raptors let an 18-point lead slip away in third quarter, and when Jameer Nelson drilled a three-pointer with six seconds left in the frame, it cut Toronto's advantage to just two points. DeRozan replied with a turnaround jumper at the buzzer to send the Raptors into the fourth with an 88-84 advantage.

Canadian Jamal Murray launched a long pass to a wide open Wilson Chandler, whose three gave the Nuggets their first lead of the game. Nelson drained another three and Denver led by four points with 7:53 to play.

DeRozan and Lowry instrumented an 13-5 run, capped by a Lowry driving layup with 45 seconds that put the Raptors up by three and brought the Air Canada Centre crowd out of their seats.

Gallinari and Mudiay had three-pointers bounce off the rim to guarantee Toronto's victory.

Marred by turnovers in Friday's loss to Cleveland, the Raptors cleaned up their act against Denver, giving up the ball just seven times.

Murray, who grew up an hour west of Toronto in Kitchener, Ont., played his first NBA game at the ACC. The 19-year-old who starred at Kentucky last season played five minutes of the second quarter then started the fourth in place of Barton. He finished with a point, two rebounds and two assists, and remains without a basket in his young NBA career.

The Raptors capped a three-game homestand, while the night was Game 1 of a Nuggets' five-game road trip.

DeRozan led the way with 14 points in the first quarter and Toronto led 33-24 going into the second.

A Lowry pullup jumper midway through the second stretched the Raptors' lead to 18 points, and they took a 62-49 advantage into the halftime break.

The Raptors play the Wizards in Washington on Wednesday before returning home to host the Miami Heat on Friday.

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{allcanada} Taylor Swift and Drake are making music together


Taylor Swift and Drake have been cozying up to each other lately because they're making music together, Page Six has learned.

"They've been in the studio collaborating," a source told us after Swift was a no-show at Drake's Virginia Black Halloween party on Sunday.

The music duo sparked dating rumors in October after they were spotted "flirting" at Drake's birthday. Drake, however, was equally flirty with other women at his Halloween bash.

Reps for the recording artists did not comment.

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{allcanada} Bieber settles lawsuit that brought judge’s arrest threat


Pop star Justin Bieber has settled a lawsuit in which a judge threatened the singer with arrest if he didn't appear for a deposition.

Miami attorney Mark DiCowden said Monday in an email that photographer Manuel Munoz's lawsuit against Bieber was resolved. Terms of the settlement are confidential.

A judge last month ordered Bieber to sit down for a deposition or be arrested and brought to court after DiCowden contended that a celebrity should not get special treatment. But now the case is over.

Munoz claimed in the lawsuit he was assaulted by one of the singer's bodyguards two years ago in Miami Beach. He sought unspecified damages.

Bieber's attorney did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Bieber is currently on tour in Europe.

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{allcanada} Hinchcliffe has new partner for tonight's 'Dancing' competition

James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess

As if the challenge of preparing multiple performances wasn't enough, Verizon IndyCar Series driver James Hinchcliffe will be without his professional partner Sharna Burgess tonight for the eighth week of "Dancing with the Stars" competition.

Hinchcliffe and Burgess have consistently rated among the top scorers from judges, including three weeks when they had the highest score of the night. But in rehearsal for competition a week ago, Burgess injured her right knee when she stepped on her costume and slipped.

Burgess was able to complete the dances on the Oct. 24 live broadcast – when she and Hinchcliffe tied for the top individual dance score and they led the team that won the group dance. Burgess was unable to participate in training for this week's competition, however, turning over the partner's role to Jenna Johnson.

Watch the emotional video below when Burgess informed Hinchcliffe that she has been instructed by doctors to rest her knee for three to six weeks. Four weeks of the competition remain on ABC, including tonight's live broadcast (8 p.m. ET).

"We all obviously wish Sharna a speedy recovery and hope to get her back on the dance floor soon," Hinchcliffe told this afternoon. "In the meantime, I've been rehearsing with Jenna Johnson, who's been a huge asset to jump in and take over for Sharna.

"It's been a week of challenges but hopefully we can make it all come together."

Johnson was a troupe member on "Dancing with the Stars" for five seasons before becoming a professional partner this fall with Jake T. Austin, who was the first celebrity eliminated from Season 23 competition.

This week's theme is Halloween Night. Each of the seven couples remaining will perform a dance, with the couple receiving the highest judges' combined score earning immunity from elimination tonight. Hinchcliffe and Johnson will perform a routine inspired by the hit film "Suicide Squad." They will dance the Viennese waltz to "You Don't Own Me" by Grace featuring G-Easy.

Those not receiving immunity must return to perform another routine tonight in a dance-off against another couple. The curveball thrown in is that the couples do not know in advance what style they will have to perform in the dance-off. Hinchcliffe and Johnson prepared cha cha, jive and salsa routines and will be told during the broadcast which they will perform if they don't receive immunity.

"Big week for the show because, along with our individual Halloween dances, we have something called the LED Challenge which forced every couple to learn three different styles of dance," Hinchcliffe said. "And you're not going to know which one of those you're performing until show night. So learning essentially four routines over the week was a huge challenge, especially considering I was missing my partner Sharna."

One couple will be eliminated tonight based on last week's combination of judges' scores and fan voting.

This week's scoring will count the individual dance scores, with the top-scoring couple getting a five-point bonus and those winning the dance-offs having three points added to their individual dance scores. Those scores will be combined with this week's fan vote to determine who is eliminated on the Nov. 7 broadcast.

Hinchcliffe and new partner Johnson need fans' votes more than ever. Phone voting opens at 8 p.m. ET today and concludes an hour after the conclusion of the broadcast in each time zone. To vote for Hinchcliffe and Johnson up to seven times, call toll-free to (800) 868-3405.

Online votes, open from 8 p.m. ET today through 8 p.m. ET Tuesday, can be cast at and on the "Dancing with the Stars" Facebook page.

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{allcanada} Raps get first look at Murray against Nuggets


TORONTO -- The Toronto Raptors will look to close out its first homestand of the season on a winning note after dropping a 94-91 decision to the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night.

The Raptors (1-1) wrap up a three-game home stretch against the visiting Denver Nuggets (1-1) on Monday night at Air Canada Centre. The Nuggets begin a five-game road trip in Toronto after falling 115-113 to the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday.

Despite the home loss, there's good news on the horizon for the Nuggets. Both forward Darrell Arthur and guard Gary Harris could return from injury against the Raptors.

Harris has missed the first two games with a groin injury.

"It's good to see him on the court (Friday). And as is always the case, how does he feel the next day," coach Michael Malone told the Denver Post prior to Saturday's game.

Arthur, meanwhile, has missed both games due to a knee injury.

"Gary is a guy that is one of the better young two-way players in the NBA," Malone said. "We are going to be really smart and prudent about his injury and not rush him back so when he does come back, we can have him for an extended stay."

Facing the Raptors will mark the first NBA game north of the border for Canadian guard Jamal Murray. The 19-year-old University of Kentucky product grew up 70 miles west of Toronto.

Through his first two games of the season, Murray has averaged 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists.

"It's very difficult, you've got to have some intellect going your way," Raptors coach Dwane Casey said of a young player like Murray adjusting to the NBA. "He's a very intelligent kid.

"He's going to be a nice young player, also, his speed with the basketball, his ability to shoot the ball -- once he understands the speed of the game, angles and personnel and understands the league after he goes through it a couple times -- he's going to be a really really effective player for Denver."

The Raptors dropped both games against the Nuggets last season falling 106-105 at home in December and losing 112-93 at Denver in February.

"People looked at them last year and said, 'Well how did you lose to them twice?' They're a very talented, skilled team that I think is underrated just because they're so young," Casey said.

Toronto opened its 22nd season with a 109-91 victory over the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday before falling to the Cavaliers.

Following Monday's game, Toronto heads to Washington to play the Wizards on Wednesday before returning home to host the Miami Heat on Friday.

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{allcanada} Canadiens send Sergachev to OHL: ‘He needs to play’


The Montreal Canadiens have assigned defenceman Mikhail Sergachev to the Windsor Spitfires in the Ontario Hockey League.

Sergachev played just three games in the National Hockey League, and thus Montreal will not burn the first year of his entry-level contract.

The 18-year-old was selected ninth over by Montreal in the 2016 draft and impressed enough in training camp to get a three-game look with the big club.

Sergechev leaves the NHL without a point and had been a frequent healthy scratch.

The Russian native will continue to develop and see plenty of ice time with Windsor, for whom he scored 17 goals and 57 points as an OHL rookie in 2015-16.

"He has a good attitude. He's a good kid," Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin told reporters. "It will help him to play another year in the junior ranks, for sure."

Teenage rookies must play 10 games at the NHL level for their entry-level contract to take effect.

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{allcanada} N.Y. judge to dismiss charges against Kane


BUFFALO, N.Y. — A judge will dismiss the charges against Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane stemming from scuffles with women in a bar if he stays out of future trouble, according to a prosecutor who described the athlete's behaviour as "arrogant, boorish and surly, but not criminal."

The arrangement is contingent on the 25-year-old player avoiding legal issues for the next six months. Kane did not speak during or after his brief appearance in Buffalo City Court on Monday.

Kane's lawyer said the action does not include an admission of guilt, and Kane still denies the allegations.

"Evander has steadfastly maintained that he did nothing wrong," attorney Paul Cambria told reporters after the hearing. "Nothing has changed."

Kane was arrested in July, a month after he was accused of grabbing three women by the hair and neck in separate encounters on the same night in a downtown Buffalo bar. Kane was removed from the club by bouncers. He was charged with misdemeanour trespass and noncriminal violations of harassment and disorderly conduct.

Erie County District Attorney Michael Flaherty said cameras inside the bar captured "images of (Kane) in contact with other patrons, grabbing a girl by her hair, grabbing another girl by her wrist and then scuffling with some bouncers as they try to escort him."

"His conduct could be described as arrogant, surly and boorish," the prosecutor said, "but at the end of the day what he did did not rise to the level of a criminal offence."

Flaherty described the outcome, called an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, as routine in cases where someone with no criminal history is charged with low-level offences.

Cambria said the decision was appropriate and that Kane was treated like any other defendant.

With the case wrapping up, Kane "is going to pay attention and be the hockey star that he is," Cambria said.

Kane has not played since being injured in the Sabres season opener Oct. 13. He cracked three ribs when he crashed into the end boards during the second period of Buffalo's 4-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens.

Kane had 20 goals and had 15 assists last season for the Sabres after being acquired in a trade with Winnipeg. He missed 17 games with a knee injury.

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{allcanada} Senators inspired by Craig Anderson's performance


EDMONTON -- On an emotional night at Rogers Place, the Ottawa Senators rallied around goaltender Craig Anderson on Sunday.

In his first game back from a leave of absence to be with his wife Nicholle, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, Anderson made 37 saves to lead the Senators to a 2-0 win against the Edmonton Oilers.

"He's a huge part of this team and for him to come back and stand on his head like that, at the end of the day, we're a family in here and there's nothing more that we could have done than play like we did tonight and play for him," said Senators forward Mike Hoffman, who scored 12:18 into the second period. "Before the game, we all wanted to play for him and do everything that we can. It's obviously a tough situation that they're going through now and for him to go out there and do that, and for him to stand on his head, we really respect that."

Anderson left the Senators on Thursday to be with his family in Florida. He made 22 saves in a 3-0 win at the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday. He has not allowed a goal in 121 minutes and 57 seconds.

Anderson returned to the Senators after goaltender Andrew Hammond sustained a lower-body injury in a 5-2 loss at the Calgary Flames on Friday.

"Obviously there is a big black cloud there, but you try not to poke it, to touch at it too much," Senators captain Erik Karlsson said. "It's up to him whether he wants to talk about it or not. It will be on their [family's] terms."

Anderson was named First Star for his performance against the Oilers and was visibly emotional when he came out to salute the crowd after the game.

Oilers goalie Cam Talbot, who made 20 saves and was named the game's Second Star, waited for Anderson at the bench to express his support for the fellow goaltender.

"The hockey community is a big one and, you knew those guys were going to rally around him in a game like that," Talbot said. "It was an emotional game and we knew they were going to play hard tonight. They played a heck of a game, and he played a [heck] of a game himself. I can't even imagine what was going through his mind. I don't know if I would be able to do what he just did right now. We send our thoughts and prayers to him and his family."

Anderson did not speak with the media after the game.

Senators coach Guy Boucher became emotional discussing his goaltender's performance.

"That was very special. I think it was special for our goaltender and his family, his wife, our players and I really respected the fact the Oilers organization, their players and their fans showed a lot of respect and support," Boucher said. "We love hockey, it's a great game, but there are things that are bigger and I think there's a lot of people that showed that tonight.

"When you look at this game, obviously, the players want to play for Craig and his family. The players wanted to defend so well, that was the whole mindset. You could hear offensive players on the bench talk about defending and playing the price and making sure we weren't giving any freebees. As the game went on, you were watching Craig and you couldn't help but be inspired by him."

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{allcanada} NHL players reveal their favorite scary movies


Watching scary movies is a Halloween tradition, and NHL players get just as scared as the rest of us.

We polled players from around the league to find out their favorite frightening films.

Take their recommendations...if you dare.

Jakob Chychrun, Arizona Coyotes defenseman:

"I saw 'Sinister' and I thought it was very well done. When I go to a horror movie, when I leave the theatre I want to say, 'that (director) is a genius'. And I was thinking that. Great story and incredible suspense. He had me."

Ryan O'Reilly, Buffalo Sabres forward:

"I remember I was really young I saw 'Candyman' and my brother [Cal O'Reilly] kind of made me watch it with his friends and I was terrified. I couldn't sleep and I was young, too, but I just remember that was one of the scariest. It's the most I've ever been scared. ... It was Cal and his buddy and I was hanging out with them and they wanted to watch it. I was a little too young but that didn't stop them and, yeah, that was one of the first times I was ever scared for my life."

Kyle Okposo, Buffalo Sabres forward:

"My favorite is 'Scream' just because that was the first one that I watched when I was growing up. I remember watching in my dad's office, I was a little young, and it really got me; it scared me. So now I just kind of watch it around every Halloween time and just kind of chuckle at it. But I think my favorite, the best one, the scariest movie I've ever seen is 'The Strangers.' ... Any time a movie is based on a true story it always adds a little bit of an element and that one is just, it's a cabin in the woods and it seems like it could kind of happen."

Mikael Backlund, Calgary Flames forward:

"I don't watch scary movies often, but I remember watching 'The Shining' when I was young. I liked it. I don't watch scary movies, but it was the one time. I thought it was pretty good. I remember at the time I liked it. I was 15. That's 15 years ago, almost."

Johnny Gaudreau, Calgary Flames forward:

"I don't watch scary movies. I hate them. I hate them. Too scary for me. I don't like scary movies."

Mark Giordano, Calgary Flames defenseman:

"I love scary movies. I think the best one I've ever seen in theatres is 'Paranormal Activity.' They made about five of them. The first three were really good. 'The Exorcist' is the classic. They've come out with a show based on the movie. It's great. Me and my wife are really into that."

Tyler Motte, Chicago Blackhawks forward:

"I'm not a big scary movie guy. I think the last scary movie, maybe not even Halloween, was 'The Strangers.' There's two or three people with, like, corn bags over their head and they knock on the door of a house that's, of course, in the middle of nowhere. And they just basically mess with them and torture them and scare them for an entire night. And then, in the morning they wake up and they're like, 'Why'd you do this to us?' and they're like, 'Because you were home.' So, I decided for the rest of my life I never wanted to be home on a night like that. Since then, I don't think I've seen a scary movie in a long time."

Matt Dumba, Minnesota Wild defenseman:

"'The Conjuring.' Probably the scariest movie I've ever seen. I haven't mustered up the courage [to watch 'The Conjuring 2']. The first one messed me up for like two months. It was bad, I was sleeping with my roommate it was really bad; scariest movie."

Charlie Coyle, Minnesota Wild forward:

"I used to be deathly afraid of the Chuckie ('Child's Play') movies when I was younger. I used to be scared he was going to come into my room. I think one of the scariest movies I've ever seen because it's more real life is 'The Strangers.' At the end they're like 'why did you pick us' and it's like 'because you were home' it's like 'oh my god,' ok."

Devan Dubnyk, Minnesota Wild goalie:

"I'm more of a ghosty; the demonic stuff is hit and miss for me, sometimes it gets a little too deep. I don't like to get into something that's actually going to affect me. 'Cabin in the Woods.' It's hard to explain. When I watched it I thought it was a scary movie which it sort of is, sort of not. I can't really say anything because I don't want to ruin the movie. For a second you're like 'ok this is stupid' and then it gets so outrageous it's awesome. I can't even describe how ridiculous it gets. It's not really a scary movie it's one of a kind. 'The Conjuring,' too. I have 'The Conjuring 2' lined up on my iTunes. I was going to watch it on the road but I need my sleep."

Brenden Dillon, San Jose Sharks defenseman:

"I don't know if it was my favorite, but my most memorable would be probably the very first 'Saw' movie. I remember watching that one, and it being tough to sleep for the next couple weeks. I don't know if it was late elementary school, but that was like the talk of my next couple months for sure. I also remember Halloween. I was like 8 years old, and we had a sleepover at my buddy's place for a birthday party because his birthday is in October. I remember I went to the bathroom and came back. We were all in our sleeping bags watching it. Of course my buddy pops up from behind the TV, and I'm the guilty victim."

Luca Sbisa, Vancouver Canucks defenseman:

"I hate scary movies, I get too scared. I wanted this one, 'The Fourth Kind,' and that was it. I will watch them if I know it's like a made-up movie but if it's paranormal stuff, I refuse to watch because it messes up my head."

Brandon Sutter, Vancouver Canucks forward:

"My favorite scary movie, even though I hated it, was 'The Ring.' From that point on I could not watch scary movies anymore so as far as I know 'The Ring' is the scariest movie of all time. I watched it when I was like 14 and I couldn't watch another one; I didn't sleep for a week."

Bo Horvat, Vancouver Canucks forward:

"I have to say both of 'The Conjuring' movies. I saw the first one and I just saw the second one the other day and I think probably just the scariness of them, it's like I can't sleep at night. I am terrified of scary movies but I get forced to go see them."

Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals goalie:

"I don't do scary movies. At one point I did, but I just don't like them. I like thrillers, like 'Saw' would be the very tip of the iceberg for me, where there is actually something you have to figure out, not just a guy creeping around the house and running away from him in the dark. I don't find any joy in that."

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{allcanada} 2017 Draft: Nico Hischier of Halifax honored by QMJHL


Halifax center Nico Hischier, an A-rated skater on NHL Central Scouting's preliminary players to watch list, was named second star of the week in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League on Monday.

Hischier (6-foot-1, 176 pounds) had three goals and seven points in three games between Oct. 24 and Oct. 30. He set a Halifax record for a most points in one game by a rookie when he had six points (three goals, three assists) in a 6-4 win against Acadie-Bathurst on Oct. 26.

In 16 games Hischier leads QMJHL rookies with 20 points, and his eight goals are tied for third. Halifax selected Hischier with the sixth pick of the 2016 Canadian Hockey League Import Draft in July.

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{allcanada} Alex Ovechkin arranges meet-and-greet with young fan

Alex Ovechkin, meet Cash Niebvechkin.

The Washington Capitals forward had a meet-and-greet session with young hockey fan Cash Niebergall, who he gifted one of his hockey sticks before a game at the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday .

The clip of Ovechkin sending one of his sticks over the boards to Niebergall, who wore a red No. 8 Capitals jersey despite being at Rogers Place in Edmonton, went viral. Niebergall made a video thanking Ovechkin and said he hoped to meet his idol one day.

So Ovechkin made it happen.

Niebergall, who turned 8 last Friday, was invited to the game against the Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome on Sunday, where he met Ovechkin. And the young fan thought it was only right to return the favor and hand over one of his sticks to his favorite player.

"Because he gave me his stick," said a beaming Niebergall, who has been nicknamed "Niebvechkin" by his youth hockey teammates for his super fandom.

Cash's mother, Miranda, said she was "just so thankful" for the opportunity her son was given to meet his hockey hero.

"This is his person," Miranda said after the Capitals' 3-1 win. "Not very many people ever get a chance to meet their person. Cash loves hockey. Everything is about Ovi [Ovechkin], from skate laces to the way he tapes his stick, his name, everything is Ovi, Ovi, Ovi. So we just wanted to give him this chance. We just wanted to be at a game... This is a story he'll remember forever."

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{allcanada} Comparison: Auston Matthews vs. Patrik Laine


A month into the start of the NHL careers, the comparison between Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets remains compelling.

Laine has six goals in nine games, but Jets coaches and players rave about his shot accuracy and ability to score with such regularity.

"I've never seen anyone score goals the way Laine does in practice, ever, in my 20 years," Jets coach Paul Maurice said. "There are guys who are good shooters in practice but can't seem to find a way to translate that into a game, but he is a gift. There's no question about that. It's a different shot. His eyes are up and he's got the hands for it."

Among rookies to play at least five games, Laine is fourth in shooting percentage (20.7) on 29 shots, and Matthews, who also has six goals, is fifth (16.7) on 36 shots, a total that leads all rookies. Matthews is second among rookies with 1.11 points per game; Laine is fourth at 0.89.

"He anticipates shooting opportunities early," TSN hockey analyst Craig Button said of Laine. "Every opportunity to take a shot has already been processed. If you give a goaltender a chance to make a save, more often than not he's going to make the save. Laine rarely gives goalies time to set."

Matthews has at least one point in five of nine games and three multiple-point games. He's second among rookies in faceoffs taken with 95, and his 48.4 faceoff success rate is second among rookies to take at least 20 faceoffs; teammate William Nylander leads at 51.2 percent but has taken 43 faceoffs.

Laine and Matthews have been given ample opportunity to succeed in every situation.

Matthews on several occasions went head-to-head against New York Islanders center John Tavares on Sunday. He forced Tavares into taking a penalty for holding against him early in the second period by using his speed and strength to power his way for a wraparound attempt that was denied by goaltender Thomas Greiss.

"He's obviously the real deal," Tavares said. "He's really in control out there. For a big guy he moves extremely well, has tremendous poise with the puck, and he sees the ice really well. I played in [National League A in Switzerland] during the lockout [2012-13] and saw the numbers he put up in that league last season; that's not easy to do. That's a very good league and it's pretty impressive.

"Certainly starting your career off playing in the World Cup of Hockey 2016 and playing in a best-on-best tournament is a great way for a young guy to get his feet wet and start off this season, and you can really see the impact he's making."

Matthews also had a big test Oct. 25 when his line, with left wing Zach Hyman and Nylander at right wing, was matched against the Tampa Bay Lightning's top line, which included center Steven Stamkos. Matthews turned the puck over on his first shift, which resulted in a Stamkos goal 1:19 into the first period, but Matthews got stronger as the game wore on. He had three shots, won 11 of 18 faceoffs, including three of six against Stamkos, and converted a Lightning turnover into his sixth goal of the season.

"[Matthews] is big, he's fast and he's talented," Stamkos told the Toronto Sun. "He has a motor that never quits. But what really impressed me was the way he rebounded from a tough first period and didn't let that phase him. That shows a lot of maturity."

Laine has at least one point in four of nine games, leads rookie forwards in average ice time per game (19:22), and is first among all rookies with four power-play goals.

"You have to score with these minutes," Laine said. "If I can't score they'll find somebody else."

Maurice has encouraged Laine to shoot more. Laine's best game of the season was his head-to-head matchup with Matthews on Oct. 19, when he had his first NHL hat trick and generated 11 shot attempts (five on goal) in a 5-4 overtime win at MTS Centre in Winnipeg.
"I've worked a lot to get my shot where it is right now," Laine said. "I've just learned on my own. I've watched a lot of videos from YouTube, old NHL players, [Washington Capitals captain Alex] Ovechkin and guys like that. I've just tried to learn on my own and make it better."

Laine scored twice in the third period against Toronto and then won the game with 2:20 left in overtime when he scored on a wrist shot from the right circle. Moments before, Matthews had been stopped on a breakaway by Jets goaltender Michael Hutchinson.

"He can score," Scheifele said. "He does a lot of things well, but he can score. He didn't even look across the ice on the winner to see who was with him and he shouldn't. He should shoot that shot every time."

Laine tied the game with 55 seconds left in the third. He became the first player in Jets/Atlanta Thrashers history to score a game-tying goal with less than one minute left in the third period and then score in overtime. And at 18 years, 183 days old, he became the youngest player in franchise history with a hat trick; the previous mark had been held by Ilya Kovalchuk, who was 19 years, 235 days old when he scored three on Dec. 6, 2002.

"Scoring is the best thing in the world and I scored three goals so it was just amazing to help my team win with those goals. It was just so cool," Laine said.

Laine's hat trick came seven days after Matthews, 19, scored four goals in his NHL debut. It's the earliest the top two picks in a draft have had hat tricks.

"They are two great young players who are going to give their fans reasons to have nights like this over the course of the year and their careers, starting now," Maurice said. "We've seen brilliance from both of them, and lucky for Winnipeg and Toronto fans, they'll get to watch two great players."

Head to Head comparison
(Games through Oct. 30)

Games: 9
G-A-Pts: 6-4-10
Shots on goal: 36
Avg. ice time: 17:11
Hits: 1
*Goals created per game: 0.48
SAT: plus-24
Points per 60 minutes (all situations): 3.88

Games: 9
G-A-Pts: 6-2-8
Shots on goal: 29
Avg. ice time: 19:22
Hits: 11
*Goals created per game: 0.45
SAT: minus-16
Points per 60 minutes (all situations): 2.75

*- information courtesy

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