BC Lions president Dennis Skulsky was on TSN Radio 1040 in Vancouver Thursday, and said owner David Braley continues to talk to interested buyers for the club, looking to make sure he finds the right fit as the next owner.

David (Braley) is continuing to talk to some of the interested parties. David is very meticulous in detail and all the way along he's been very clear that he wanted to make sure, whoever he hands it off to is the right owner for the club," Skulsky said.

"Certainly local, if at all possible, with a significant passion for this community."

Skulsky added there remains no timetable for Braley to sell the club but thinks a sale will happen before too long.

"David's working through some of the interested parties. He has no urgency to it, but I think it's imminent that sometime in the next little while, when the time is right, the sale will happen."

Braley has owned the Lions for 19 seasons.