Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{allcanada} George Takei to Donald Trump: William Shatner would do 'Celebrity Apprentice'

When asked which of his "Star Trek" co-stars he would like to see on "The Celebrity Apprentice," the affable George Takei, who takes his turn as project manager in Sunday's (March 3) episode, was quick to reply.

"Bill Shatner," he said during a media conference call with his "Celebrity Apprentice" co-star Tia Carrere and the man in charge, Donald Trump. "It would be fun to see him doing 'Celebrity Apprentice.'"

So would William Shatner (or Bill, if you're in the inner circle) do the show?

"I think you would be able to get Bill," Takei said to Trump. "He's said it himself, 'I don't like to say no to things.'"

"That's a great idea," Trump replied, sounding intrigued by the idea of Captain Kirk coming aboard. "We'll have to remember that. That's great."

Would you watch William Shatner on "The Celebrity Apprentice"?

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