Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[SurroundSound] Re: Foobar for Mac OSX users

Did a little more poking around and found out that you can replace the
version of foobar that is in this install if you go in to the c:\
folder in your home folder's Library/ApplicationSupport/Wine and then
take out the Foobar folder and replace it with the latest version
downloaded from their site. While you are in that folder you can also
add all of the dll files for whatever extensions you like to run with
foobar. You need to do this if you use Apple Lossless since the latest
version is the one that supports that dll. Other than that, it's
pretty straightforward. Doubtless there are those of you who have
already done this, but it was a cool thing to get running on an
otherwise boring Tuesday.

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