Spencer Foo is ready to make the leap to the NHL after three years of college hockey at Union College and a Canadian team could be in the mix to acquire the 23-year-old's services.

Gerry Johansson, a player agent for The Sports Corporation which represents Foo, told CHED's Bob Stauffer recently that the Edmonton Oilers are a real possibility.

"What I can tell you is obviously Spencer Foo is a really good player. I mean, lots of interest from teams. But what they have done I know is narrow it down to a very short list of which Edmonton is certainly on it," said Johansson. "I don't know exactly where they're at in that process…But it seems to be proceeding. I certainly know Edmonton is right there."

Foo scored 26 goals and added 36 assists over 38 games with Union College in 2016-17, his third campaign with the club. He will forgo his senior season to turn pro.

The winger, who is a native of Edmonton, was on TSN Radio 1260 on Friday and discussed his process of choosing a team.

"There's so many different pros and cons of the different teams that have interest in you. That's one of the biggest things for the reason why I've been waiting for so long to sign somewhere is that I really wanted to take my time and make sure I make the right decision because I'm not superstar that's going to be able to come in and crack any team in the league right away and make a huge impact," explained Foo. "I need to do what's best for me and find an organization I really fit with. Obviously with Edmonton, there is that aspect where I've grown up here and have family here and I have friends. It does provide a bit of distraction, but it can also be a blessing as well."

Foo hopes to have his decision made shortly after the expansion draft on June 21.